DIY: Lay a concrete path

Before You Start

Calculating the size of the hole:- To calculate the size of the hole needed, try this simple 

Rule of Thumb
- Width = 2 x the width or diameter of the post 
(a 100mm x 100mm or 4inch x 4inch post would require a 200mm x 200mm or 8nch x 8inch hole). 
- Hole depth = put approximately 1/3 of the post in the hole. 
A 2m (6 foot) post should have up to 600mm (2 foot) in the ground. 

** Allow approximately 1 x 40kg bag of Easy Mix Post Mix Concrete for a hole and post of the above size

What You Will Need


- Spade or long handled shovel and a crow bar 
(a post hole auger is helpful if you have a number of posts to set)
- Spirit level or plumb line
- String line
- Tape measure


- … bags of Easy Mix Post Mix (approx. 1 x 40 kg bag per post hole) or 
- … bags of Easy Mix Rapid Set Post Mix 
- Water


Preparing the holes

1. Using a string line, set out the line for your posts and space out post positions 

2. Dig the post hole using the ‘rule of thumb’ mentioned above. 

3. Place posts in holes, checking heights and levels. Ensure the end of the post that will remain in the ground is treated against wood rot. 4/ Brace each post in position


Using Rapid Set Concrete

1. Once the posts are braced into position within the hole, thoroughly wet the hole, so that the ground does not soak up the water required for the Rapid Set Concrete Mix 

2. Pour the required amount of water into the hole. 1 x 40kg bag requires approximately 5.4 litres of water (for each 10kg of Rapid Set Concrete add 1.35 litres of water). 

3. Immediately add the required amount of Easy Mix Rapid Set Concrete to the water in the hole around the post and mix. 

NB: Do not mix in concrete mixer or wheelbarrow, always add Easy Mix Rapid Set Concrete to water.

Although the concrete will be touch dry in just 15 minutes, solid curing will take at least 2 hours – do not apply stress to the posts in this time.

Using Easy Mix Post Mix

The Dry Method 

1. Pour ½ a 40kg bag of Easy Mix Post Mix into the hole and tamp in tight around post. 

2. Repeat for each post 

3. Pour in the remainder of the Post Mix when all posts are in the desired position and tamp down tight. 

4. Pour a small quantity of water on the Post Mix around each post. Together with natural ground moisture, this will allow the mix to set. 

The Wet Method 
(Note: if strength is critical, use the wet method.) 

1. Brace posts so they remain in the desired position. 

2. On a mixing board or in a wheelbarrow, add water slowly to the Post Mix – the drier the mix the better! 

3. Tamp the mix with a shovel or spade and finish at the desired height 

4. Repeat for each post and clean up. 

Curing Time
Concrete will be touch dry within a few hours. Leave the concrete for at least a week before subjecting it to any stress and keep it moistened during this time. The concrete will take up to 28 days to fully cure.