Sand for concrete & asphalt

River Sands provides dried and wet sands for manufacturing premix and precast concrete, masonry products including concrete products, blocks, pavers and tanks, and for new asphalt.

River Sands Concrete & Asphalt Sand contains high quartz content with a nominal size of 0.3-0.6mm and is cleaned to ensure very limited clay and fines content is within the mix.

We also provide a kiln-dried sand that is tightly graded for use as a surfacing grip on new stone mastic asphalt surfaces for increased skid resistance. Providing skid resistance is especially important within the first three months after placement of the asphalt, especially near traffic intersections.

As a TMR Registered Quarry Supplier, River Sands can supply approved products for use in the construction and maintenance of infrastructure projects for local and state government. River Sands can provide additional technical results upon request.

Available for delivery in 1 tonne bulk bags, our Concrete & Asphalt Sand can sustain long term supply.

River Sands can also provide a fine sand with a nominal size less than 0.3mm and a course sand with a nominal size greater than 0.6mm for use in specialty applications. These specialty applications can include concrete pipes, prestressed bridges, blocks, pavers, and tanks.

Where is this product available?

Wet sands: South East Queensland, Northern New South Wales. Dried sands: National


  • Construction and maintenance
  • Infrastructure projects for local and state government
  • Manufacturing premix and precast concrete
  • Manufacturing for bricks, blocks, pavers and masonry products
  • New asphalt

Size availability

  • Bulk bag
  • Bulk tipper

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