Bulk Specialty Sands and Gravels

With one of the most comprehensive ranges of sands and gravels, we’re confident that we can provide you with the best individual product or mix to suit your project.

Since 1974 we have specialised in mining, processing and mixing sand, gravel and other ingredients to produce sands and gravels of the right grading and size for many different uses.

These include:

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Bioretention sand & gravel blends

River Sands manufacture and supply bio-retention sand and gravel blends which comply with FAWB (Facility for Advancing Water Biofiltration) and Water By Design specifications and guidelines.

Bioretention media available in SE Queensland and Northern NSW

Servicing the South East Queensland and Northern NSW regions, we are able to provide bioretention blends for small or large projects including residential and industrial developments as well as specialised stormwater and drainage projects.

Benefits of dealing with us:-

By dealing with us directly, you not only save on costs, but can be assured that we will custom blend your bioretention mix and offer the most accurate technical support to meet your project specifications.

Our broader understanding of the construction industry (from our 35+ years of mining and blending sand for the Australian construction and water filtration industries) and the required compliance standards is also your guarantee that you are getting the best possible bioretention filtering and drainage system.

Individual Batch Compliance Certificates

Every batch of our bioretention media is rigorously tested by our NATA certified laboratory for compliance to FAWB guidelines which include standards regarding: saturated hydraulic conductivity, phosphorous and nitrogen, organic matter, sieve analysis, EC and ph levels.

To meet these standards, River Sands bioretention media consists of a certified, blended filter media layer of sandy loam, a graded transition sand layer and a drainage gravel layer.

It is critical to ensure that each batch of bioretention media used meets these guidelines, as non-compliant media can result in damaging runoff into waterways or clogging in runoff areas.

More about Bioretention Systems

Bioretention systems provide both stormwater treatment and conveyance functions. A bioretention swale component provides pre-treatment of stormwater to remove coarse to medium sediments while the bioretention system removes finer particles and associated contaminants.

Bioretention swales are particularly efficient at removing nutrients and provide flow retardation for frequent storm events. They consist of a vegetated trench located either along the invert of a vegetated swale or at the most downstream part of a swale. The swale component filters stormwater runoff through the surface vegetation, which promotes the settling of coarse and medium sized sediments and helps to prevent the clogging of the bioretention component. Stormwater is then percolated through the trench, which contains a prescribed soil, such as sand or gravel. The soil media supports vegetation growth and filters fine sediment out of stormwater. Some biological uptake of nutrients occurs through biofilms growing on the plant roots in the upper layer of the soil media. After percolating through the bioretention component, the water is collected within perforated under-drains for discharge or storage for reuse. (Exerpt take from the Brisbane City Council Water Sensitive Urban Design Engineering Guidelines)

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Turf sand & top dressing sand

Playground SandIf you want beautiful green grass that stays healthy for longer then you have to contact us! 

The trick to growing healthy grass is to ensure that the roots are bedded in a medium that allows moisture and nutrients to constantly reach the roots, but not 'drown' them. 

River Sands Turf Sand is ideal for this! 

'With a sand particle size evenly distributed from 0.1mm to 0.6mm, our turf sand allows water to penetrate and gradually seep down from the surface to the roots below, at a controlled rate. The water is therefore optimised at the root level ensuring it doesn’t flow through too quickly without effect, or too ‘slowly’ to cause drowning of the roots (something that commonly occurs with so-called turf soils). 

Bedding Concrete SandImportantly, River Sands Turf Sand meets the demanding USGA (United States Golf Association) Grading Standard for use on putting greens and you can be sure our sand is free of weeds and seeds so you don’t have to worry about ‘uninvited’ guests. 

For greater growing performance it is wise to select from one of our organically enhanced turf sands. Made from a blend of organics, they give the turf an early and ongoing boost. 

Also available in our range of sands is a proven, specialist bunker sand.

Download Bulk Sand Safety Sheet


Playground soft fall sand

Playground SandSand is a wonderful medium for keeping children constructively occupied. It is also the perfect surface under swings and playsets! 

River Sands Soft Fall Sand is specifically manufactured for use in playgrounds and has been independently certified to meet the Australian Standard for Playground Undersurfacing Material AS4422:1996 (to a height of three metres). 

The unique sand consists of a range of sand particle sizes that allow it to ‘give’ upon impact - yet still retain all the great characteristics that make up a playful medium. 

This 'give' factor or cushioning effect helps break the impact of a fall when children jump from swings or playsets and allows you to produce a playground environment that allows kids to be kids! 

Our Soft Fall Sand is also: 
- Easy to install and maintain
- Clean, safe and won't form hard crusts
- Fun, with no risk of splinters or sharp edges
- Vandal proof. 

Download Soft Fall Sand Safety Sheet


Green and tan tennis court sand

Tennis Court SandThe best way to anchor a synthetic grass on a tennis court is to use River Sands Tennis Court Sand.

Our tennis court sand is kiln dried and then passed through a series of sieves to produce a sand that is graded from 1mm and smaller. In addition to anchoring the grass, it effectively penetrates the surface to provide enhanced support and protection against damage.

Packaged to your requirements
River Sands Tennis Court Sand can be supplied in truck loads, bulk bags or paper sacks.

Bedding Concrete SandNow the grass is really greener!
For the ultimate manicured look, we recommend using our green tennis court sand. Coloured at very high temperatures, chrome green pigment is fused to the sand particles to provide completely fade resistant coloured sand.

The sand blends in with your synthetic grass to provide a lush and full colour appearance.

Golf lovers can also use our tan and green tennis court sands to obtain the professional manicured look for their synthetic putting surfaces.

Enduro Turf use and recommend our products exclusively on their synthetic putting surfaces to achieve PGA level performance. You can visit their website www.enduroturf.com.au for more information.

Download Synthetic Turf Sand Safety Sheet


Bulk construction, bedding and concrete sand distributed in SE Queensland and Northern NSW

Construction Sand
River Sands graded bulk construction sands, range from medium, fine bedding and superfine and are available for delivery to the construction industry in SE Queensland and Northern NSW. We will deliver and crane bulk sand bags to multi-levels on work sites.
Our bulk sands are ideal to use when making underfloor screed, specialised concrete or mortar and render. They can also be used as a base for concrete slabs and filling around pipes. We also manufacture a specialised sand with a high hydraulic rate (drainage rate) which is ideal for environmentally friendly ‘filtration’ zones in new developments.

Contact us for advice on which sand is suitable for your next project.

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River Sands Expansion

River Sands supplies custom blend sand in preparation for 2018 Commonwealth Games

Carrara's Metricon Stadium has had a complete makeover in preparation for the 2018 Commonwealth Games. River Sands are proud to have supplied both the custom under turf blend in addition to the top dressing sand for this massive project. Originally supplying 11,200 tonnes of turf sand when the stadium was built in 2011.

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River Sands Expansion

River Sands Expansion

The River Sands customer service team have now moved from Carbrook to Loganholme.

Just off the M1, the new location on the corner of Riverland and Monte-Khoury Drive offers greater convenience for our customers and even better service.

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