Pipe sand

River Sands Pipe Sand is ideal as the bedding and backfill sand around pipes. It can also be used in different construction environments including plumbing trenches and house slabs.

Typically, our Pipe Sand is placed at the bottom of the trench underneath where the pipe is to be laid as bedding sand. It is then used as sand backfill around the pipe once it has been placed and connected.

Made up of subangular, round sand particles River Sands Pipe Sand won’t damage the pipe with any sharp and pointy particles. Additionally, the Pipe Sand is washed and graded to ensure it provides good drainage and can compact if required.

As a TMR Registered Quarry Supplier, River Sands can supply approved products for use in the construction and maintenance of infrastructure projects for local and state governments. Our Pipe Sand meets the specifications for use in both Main Roads (MRTS) and Queensland Rail electrical and gas trenches. It also maintains certification for fire ant compliance. River Sands can provide additional technical results upon request.

River Sands Fine Bedding Sand is an economical alternative to our Pipe Sand and is good for applications that don’t require certification. This sand can be used to support concrete slabs and backfilling trenches underneath residential houses.

Where is this product available?

South East Queensland, Northern New South Wales


  • Plumbing trenches
  • Electrical trenches
  • Gas trenches
  • House slabs

Size availability

  • Bulk bags
  • Bulk tipper