River Sands is a family-owned business that manufactures and markets a specialised range of products for the construction, sports turf, water treatment and underground mining industries.

It commenced operations in 1974 as a sand producer and used this raw material to quickly diversify into manufacturing packaged concrete and mortars for the Trade and DIY market segments in the 1980’s.

This pattern of diversification and product development has continued and the business now provides approximately 2000 products under four brands with specific applications for use in architectural Concrete applications, building facades and flooring finishes, underground mining ground support and Civil and Sports Turf throughout Australia.

Manufacture occurs on high-speed state of the art equipment at a 6-hectare factory site in Brisbane, with a second factory in Townsville operating to cater for the needs of North Queensland.

The business has maintained ISO 9001 certification since 1994 and operates a Cement Testing Laboratory at its factory site for quality assurance and new product development reasons.

The key Product Group divisions and brands that the products are marketed under are as follows.

Easy Mix
As befits the name, this range of packaged concrete, mortars, screeds, renders, cement and sands and gravels are formulated to enable tradesmen, builders and homeowners to complete small building projects in a fast, efficient and effective manner.
Easy Mix is sold exclusively through leading hardware, plumbing, timber and building supply specialists throughout Queensland and NSW.


Concrete Colour Systems (CCS)

This market-leading division started in 1993 and includes a beautiful range of colours for new concrete – along with several Flooring Systems for renovating existing concrete.

Vibrant Colours for New Concrete

A range of approximately 60 contemporary pigments supplied upon demand to Ready Mixed and Precast Concrete companies to create beautiful pathways, driveways, building facades, polished and honed concrete floors. The pigment packs are added to the concrete agitator trucks and after mixing, the coloured concrete is placed and finished by specialist tradesmen – or sprayed onto embarkments in “shotcrete” applications.

Pigment is stocked in each capital city for fast delivery to local concrete plants.

Systems for Renovating and Protecting Existing Concrete Floors – inside and outside

Specifiers and project owners can choose from two wonderful systems to add value and pizzaz to old or grey concrete surfaces.

The exterior concrete renovation system is marketed as Stylepave and provides a very tough and attractive surface colour for commercial and domestic applications. The System was introduced to Australia in the late 1990s and is spray applied by skilled tradesmen. You can choose from 30 great colours and a wide variety of geometric or freehand designs to create a unique and highly functional entry path and or driveway.

The Galaxy Flooring System is hand applied by specialist Tradesmen to provide a hard-wearing and attractive surface for garage floors and light commercial applications such as showrooms and restaurants. It incorporates a multicoloured synthetic flake particle that is sandwiched between an epoxy and a hardwearing polyurethane coating.

In addition to these popular systems, an extensive range of clear and coloured coatings is supplied for protecting and enhancing the appearance of horizontal and vertical concrete surfaces – for commercial and domestic applications.


Render Systems Australia (RSA)
This Product Group services the needs of Solid Plasterers and Builders. A broad range of cement-based renders and acrylic textures are provided to the Solid Plasterers for trowel and pump application to domestic and commercial building facades.


Applied Concrete Solutions (ACS)
A diverse range of repair grouts, under tile screeds, repair concretes and mortars are manufactured and packed in 20kg and one-tonne bulk bags for use in Civil Construction and Underground Mining Applications.

Sports Turf, Water Filtration and Soils
Sands and gravels are subjected to several manufacturing processes at the Brisbane quarry and factory site to wash and then classify them into particle sizing envelopes for use in multiple industry applications.

In all instances, the particle sizes are grouped and proportioned to tight specifications to meet the varying needs of end-users. They are supplied in loose form or in 20kg or one-tonne bulk bags.

A wide range of raw materials or finished products of a mineral or organic nature is sourced and then blended, dried or packed to meet the needs of Sports Turf and Civil and Municipal water Filtration contractors or end-users.

Applied Concrete Solutions

Civil & Underground Mining Construction Products

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Concrete Colour Systems

Pigment for integrally coloured concrete, decorative refurbishing overlays and coatings and sealers for commercial and residential projects.

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Easy Mix

Packaged concretes, mortars, screeds, cement, sand and gravels for tradespeople, builders and homeowners.

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Render Systems Australia

Cement-based renders and acrylic textures for commercial and residential projects.

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