Filter Coal

Introducing Enduracoal™ – for improved lifetime filtration costs

A harder, cleaner and more user friendly filter coal is now available from River Sands.

Called Enduracoal™, this purpose made filter media is an anthracite coal – the only type of filter coal that meets AWWA B100-16 (American Water Works Association Standard for Filtering Media 2016).

Anthracite coal has been the preferred long term choice for owners and specifiers of water filters as it is a harder and denser than bituminous coal.

These two key attributes mean that enhanced water flow and less material losses are incurred over the life of the water filtration media. The greater hardness of anthracite coal means that a reduced number of fine particles are present during the loading of the water filter and this tends to lead to a lower attrition rate than that experienced from softer bituminous coal.

The relative greater denseness of anthracite coal means that less filter coal particles are lost during backwashing procedures, reducing the need for top ups over the life of the filter bed.

River Sands’ Enduracoal™ is derived from the pure natural form of anthracite coal and is classified as high grade or ultra high grade.

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