Filter Garnet

An effective multi-media filter system will utilize larger sized media on top to filter out the larger particles and smaller sized media to filter out the smaller particles. 

Our filter garnet is a high hardness, high density granular filter media. It can be used extremely effectively as the lower layer in a dual media filter system - in conjunction with sand, gravel and occasionally filter coal.

With characteristics such as high specific gravity as well as chemical and abrasion resistance, our filter garnet is ideal for water filtration..

Garnet can be purchased in 25kg or 1 tonne bulk bags.


Physical Characteristics

The physical characteristics of our filter garnet are as follows:

Physical Properties Typical Results
Norminal Size (typically 0.2 - 0.6mm)
Bulk Density 2.4 T/m3
Specific Gravity 4.0 - 4.2


Standard Filter Garnet Sizes

  • Filter Garnet 0.6-1.2mm
  • Filter Garnet 1.2-2.4mm
  • Filter Garnet 2.4-4.8mm
  • Filter Garnet 30 60 Mesh
  • Filter Garnet 20 40 Mesh