Packing Options

Cement Bags Packing When determining the packaging for each job River Sands gives considerable thought to transportation and subsequent placement of filter media into the filter. Depending on the customer's requirements, filter media can be packed into bulk bags of various sizes or into smaller polywoven bags.

Bulk Bags 

The bulk bags of filter media can be handled by either a crane or a forklift, enabling them to be easily loaded into a container, truck or filter. If the filter media needs to be stored outdoors, plastic bag covers can be supplied to protect the bulk bags from excessive sunlight and moisture.

Construction Material PackagingSmall 20kg bags

Our filter media can also be packaged into 20 kg polywoven bags. The smaller bags can be carried by one person and are ideal for small water treatment plants and pool filter retailers. 

Depending on your requirements, the bags can be packed onto export or non-returnable pallets. Stretch wrapping is available to protect the filter sand from potential damage during transportation. 

Catering to every delivery requirement

River Sands specialises in dealing with all types of orders, large or small, local or overseas. A wide range of road, rail and sea transportation options are available, ensuring all delivery requirements are met.

Immediate access to major road transport services and the Port of Brisbane allows delivery of material within a minimal lead time and within budget.

In addition to serving all metropolitan and regional areas of Australia, we are well experienced in shipping filter media to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Papua New Guinea, The Middle East Vanuatu, Noumea, New Zealand, Fiji and Thailand. 



UnderWater World has been doing business with River Sands Pty Ltd for a number of years and have always found them to be reliable and efficient, timely and cost effective. The quality of their filter media products has always met our high expectations and it has been a pleasure to have them as a supplier.

Neil Swann, Marketing Manager, UnderWater World, Mooloolaba.