International Lawn Day

Connecting customers and homeowners with lawn experts.

Launching in 2020 amidst COVID, International Lawn Day is a celebration of everything to do with lawns. Paying homage to Edwin Budding who designed the very first mechanical lawnmower in 1830. August 31 was chosen to celebrate the day in 1830 when Edwin was granted a patent for his lawnmower.

International Lawn Day was founded by Paul Stubbs, who has a background in lawn and turf care. It is all about connecting customers and homeowners with lawn experts to help them achieve their backyard dreams. Fostering and growing a shared passion for lawn and turf. International Lawn Day provides “an opportunity to educate, engage and inspire everybody across the planet to go out and enjoy their lawn, park or sporting facility.” – source: Turf Australia, Spring 2020.

This modest invention of the lawnmower has made today’s lawns a possibility for everybody. While over the years there have been advancements in technology which has led to developments from hand push mowers to petrol and electric mowers; fundamentally the foundation and structure of the equipment has stayed the same.

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