USGA Graded Sand

River Sands USGA Graded Sand supports strong root growth underturf and can be used to top dress fields.

Our USGA Graded Sand meets the demanding United States Golf Association (USGA) Grading Standards for use as rootzone underturf and top dressing on putting greens. The Standard requires the sand to have minimal fines content, uniform spreading with grading tolerance, excellent porosity, and consistent grading to ensure no twigs, shells or rocks are within the mix. It is also required to have a low EC or salt content.

Each batch of USGA Graded Sand is extensively tested at our laboratory and at an external specialist laboratory to ensure its compliance with the USGA Standard. The batches are also tested in accordance with the ISO 9001 Quality Assurance accreditation. Certificates for compliance are available with delivery of the product to site.

River Sands is an Approved Main Roads Quarry with a certified weighbridge. Our USGA Graded Sand is available in 1 tonne bulk bags or in a bulk tipper; 20kg bags can be supplied on a made-to-order request only.

Ideal applications

Golf Courses

A preferred sand amongst the greenkeeping industry, River Sands USGA Graded Sand ensures easy maintenance, healthy strong grass, and happy golfers. It can be used on the greens, tees and fairways.

Football ovals & Cricket Stadiums

Used in all major stadiums including Metricon Stadium, Suncorp Stadium and the Gabba with proven results, USGA Graded Sand will keep grass strong even with heavy use and impact.

University & School sporting ovals

A preferred choice by universities, private and state schools, it is ideal for high-use and high-impact sports fields, providing healthy strong grass even with constant heavy use. When done right our USGA Graded Sand requires less fertilizers and maintenance over the years of use.

Benefits of using USGA Graded Sand

The uniform spread of sand particles within gradings and excellent porosity leads to strong root growth when our USGA Graded Sand is used in the rootzone underturf. It also provides good drainage with adequate capillary moisture and nutrient retention. Additionally, the even spread of particles with reduced fines content means the sand has less compaction long-term. Compacted sand negatively impacts root growth which can mean constant turf replacing in high-use fields which is a costly and time-consuming exercise to bring the turf back up to standard. Compaction of the sand can also create problems with water penetration, which is evident after high rainfall over a short period of time with muddy and water-soaked fields.

In addition to high percolation, infiltration rates, and good aeration; a lower salt baseline assists in facilitating deep rooting. Low levels of salt in our USGA Graded Sand ensures there is no burning of the turf and enables the use of available tertiary treated water which typically has high levels of EC.

Strong and deep root growth using River Sands USGA Graded Sand results in health and happy turf. Having healthy grass means fewer fertilizers and less maintenance is required, with the turf lasting significantly longer. Additionally, healthy turf can lead to better utilization of fields and quicker turnovers during peak sporting seasons.

Organic amendments

Blending organic amendments into our USGA Graded Sand can give your greens a nutrient boost or long-term nutrient supply. Including amendments can also assist with increasing the water holding capacity of the sand and thereby minimizing your annual water usage.

River Sands manufactures a range of standard and stocked organic blends for use on golf courses, school ovals, sports and council fields, and stadiums. Our standard blends have been produced to increase organic content, increase water holding capacity, and to amend the pH level.

Soil testing is the best method to determine what kind of organic amendments are required for your application. If the test highlights additional amendments are required outside of our standard blends, discuss a custom blend with our sales team. Note, minimum volumes and lead times apply for custom blends.

Organic amendments available:

  • Screened and composted cotton trash
  • Composted manure – cow, pig or chicken
  • Humate
  • Natural screened Gypsum or slow release Gypsum
  • Zeolite
  • Dynamic lifter
  • Lime and dolomite
  • Nutrismart and Nutramax
  • Sanoplant
  • Screened soil and loams
  • Coco Coir
  • Canadian Peat Moss

Where is this product available?

South East Queensland, Northern New South Wales


  • Golf courses
  • Football ovals
  • Cricket stadiums
  • University & School ovals

Size availability

  • Bulk bags
  • Bulk load

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