Density & soil testing

When it comes to determining the density of soils, and other construction materials, sand is the best solution to assist due to its uniformity and volume.

River Sands 7C Sand is highly graded and uniform in size making it the perfect option for use in calibration and reference in density testing. The tight uniformity coefficient is what makes this sand a known product which results in it being a good comparison product against the item in a density test. River Sands W7S Sand is also an ideal option for calibration and reference in density testing.

Soil density testing involves soil being added to a measured quantity of sand to work out the volume and understand how much is required to fill an area.

River Sands sand has an ISO Quality Assurance, making it ideal for soil density testing, density testing, construction materials testing, and use in geo-technical and soil laboratory settings.

Where is this product available?



  • Soil testing
  • Density testing

Size availability

  • 20kg bags
  • Bulk bag

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