Pool filter media

Put a little sparkle into your pool and experience crystal clear water every summer with River Sands’ Filter Sand.

River Sands Filter Sand purifies water and is a great option for your pool sand filter. Carefully graded to #7C, our Filter Sand optimizes water flow and filtration efficiency. The quality of our sand is so high it is used by local council water purification plants throughout Australia. The sand is kiln-dried at 1000 degrees to kill off any living contaminants like bacteria. It is also triple washed to eliminate dust and fine particles. The natural, weather-worn silica sand has excellent abrasion resistance and longevity ensuring a long lifespan of use.

Our Filter Sand is manufactured under an ISO 9001 Quality Assurance system and is compliant with the American Water Works Association standards AWWA B100.

River Sands Filter Sand can be used in private and commercial swimming pools, aquatic centre filters, irrigation and filtering potable water. Our Filter Sand meets the most common mesh size used for swimming pool filters is 16/30, however if you require another mesh size please speak with our sales team.

Our flexible packaging options include loose 20kg bags, pallets of 20kg bags, and bulk bags. It is also safe to store our 20kg bags outside in the weather with no impact to the quality of the product.

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  • Sand filters for pools

Size availability

  • 20kg bags (loose or pallets)
  • Bulk bags

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