Frequently Asked Questions

Browse through our frequently asked questions based on product application.

I’m located in a regional area, can you supply to regional locations?

Yes, we offer a range of packaging options that can be shipped all around the country. We utilise an extensive logistic network that can deliver to any location no matter the load size. We can also offer tailgate and crane truck unloads in many areas.

What type of certification and testing is available for your products?

  • River Sands has an internal lab with external testing available.
  • AS4422 accredited 3 metre and 2.5 metre soft fall sand. It is independentally tested by a NATA registered third party bi-annually with monthly checks
  • AS4419 for soils and external lab results are available upon request.
  • WSUD Bioretention. Prompt batch-specific certification available to show compliance. Supported by external laboratory testing. Each of the three layers is compliant for bridging.

I’m ready to top dress and my grass needs more nutrition?

We have a number of standard blends that contain added organics and nutrients that can assist you. Get in touch with the sales team for support on choosing the best blend for you.

Why should I use USGA graded sand for top dressing?

Our USGA graded sand offers the ideal porosity and water movements to ensure strong growth in the root zone. It also limits compaction in high wear environments in comparison to fine sand or sand/soil blends.

Why is low EC/low salt important for natural turf applications?

High salt content can minimise growth and burn the turf. Many customers need to use secondary or tertiary treated water (ie, golf courses) and this already contains high EC. River Sands products has EC less than 1.2

We placed filtration media in our water treatment plant 12 years ago, and can’t locate the specification. Can you assist?

Get in touch with the sales team to see if your project is on file. If not, we can assist you with testing a sample of your existing filter media to determine the specification.

What sand is best for my pool filter?

River Sands 7C sand, also known as 16/30. This sand is highly graded and has excellent shape for efficiency within the filter.

How many bags do I need to replace the sand in my pool filter?

It is best to check with your pool filter manual first. Typically you will require up to 6 bags depending on the filter capacity. Contact our sales team if you need help converting litres into kilograms.

I need to ensure my three bioretention layers bridge and are compliant. How do I do this?

River Sands can quote the required figures on our batch-specific certificates. Contact the sales team if you aren’t familiar with this process.

I need sandy loam for bioretention. What product should I use?

River Sands Bio Media is the best solution. However, it is important to check the plans and drawings for required specifications.

Do you have fill sand?

We offer a clean, screened fill sand that can be used for piping and backfilling. Contact the sales team if you would like more information on this product.

Why do I need synthetic turf sand and not wet material?

Our Synthetic Turf Sand is specifically graded to not include too many fines and or sizing over 1mm. This grading ensures good anchoring for the grass blades and makes it easier to spread for even distribution.

I need to minimise risks in playgrounds. What sand should I use?

River Sands Softfall Sand blend for 3 metres. Councils require products suited for 3 metre falls to minimise risks. We can provide certification at product handover.

Do you offer tanker loads of dried sand for manufacturing?

Yes, please contact our sales team to discuss your needs. We can ship all around Australia.