Bulk Sands

River Sands- Since 1974

River Sands starting sand mining in 1974 at Carbrook QLD. After exhausting supply,  the dredging operation was moved nearby to Eagleby in 2002. The sand is dredged from Eagleby, pumped 1.2km under the Logan River, and then separated into three different sizes (fine, medium and Coarse) at the Carbrook processing plant.

Once separated, the three sand grades are then moved to the adjoining packing factory. They are dried, sized and packed into the Easy Mix, Applied Concrete Solutions and Render Systems Australia  ranges of packaged Concrete, Mortars, Synthetic Turf Sands,  Screeds, Renders and Filter Sands.

The company also supplies sand to leading masonry and asphalt factories.

At this time the only materials available for sale are the below items including Soft Fall Sand, Horse Arena Sand and Decorative Gravel.




Certified Soft Fall Sand (to AS4422)
River Sands Soft Fall Sand is specifically designed as an under-surfacing material that meets Australian Standards AS4422 for fall heights of up to 3 metres. The sand blend is suitable for residential, including housing estates, civil uses and by local governments or where protection from a 3 metre fall is essential. Soft Fall Sand is independently certified and NATA tested to comply with Australian Standards AS4422.

$34 per tonne +GSTSafety Data Sheet

Decorative White Sand
The silica sand is washed to ensure very little dust is present and shows off the vibrant white colour. It is finely graded with a nominal sizing of 0.1mm – 0.5mm, making it suitable for multiple applications, including landscaping, decorative concrete, making white mortar, renders and grouts.

$110 per tonne +GSTSafety Data Sheet

Horse Arena Sand
River Sands offers two options for arena or track sand: C38 and RW Coarse. RW Coarse is harvested from a nearby quarry. They are cleaned sands with high silica content for durability and hardness. Both sands also provide good drainage, even when covered and exposed to the elements, and have very little clay content to limit dust.

$52.50 per tonne +GSTSafety Data Sheet

Synthetic Turf Sand- Kiln Dried
River Sands Synthetic Turf Sand is double washed to remove any clay, dirt, and dust; providing cleaner, dust-free working conditions. It is kiln-dried to assist with clump-free placement and easy spreading. The sand is passed through a sieve and graded to the optimal particle size of 0.2mm-1.0mm for artificial turf, ensuring no oversized particles or shells are included.

$210 per tonne +GSTSafety Data Sheet

Tilers Coarse Sand
Our Tile and Bedding Sand (also known as Coarse Sand C38) is subrounded, clean, silica river sand that is graded to the ideal particle size greater than 0.6mm. It is our more popular sand used by commercial tilers for making site mixed screed as the shape and size ensures easy troweling and saves time on labour and finishing surfaces.

$100 per 1T bulk bag +GSTSafety Data Sheet

Decorative White Gravel 15-25mm
A versatile material that is a smart and eco-friendly choice for a variety of applications. It can be used for drainage and structural support in driveways, pipe bedding, and water management.

$350 per tonne +GST
Safety Data Sheet

Hours for collection from Quarry site

7am to 12 pm. Please call 07 3412 8111 in advance to organise collection.