Water filtration media

Since the early 1990’s, River Sands has been manufacturing and providing a variety of quality graded sands and gravel for water filtration applications both nationally and internationally.

Achieve crystal clear drinking water with River Sands Filter Media. Our products have been used successfully in water treatment plants, tertiary sewerage filtration, industrial water treatment and swimming pools.

River Sands Filtration Media is produced in accordance with the American Water Works Association (AWWA) B100-16 Granular Filter Media Standard. As a qualified manufacture to the AWWA B100-16 Standards, we provide a complete range of granular filtration media. River Sands can also produce filtration media to an agreed specification as supplied.

When you purchase your filter media requirements from River Sands you can be sure that uniformity co-efficients for the filtering material are fully tested, certified, and approved prior to delivery. Additionally, you can reduce project risk by ordering material from a single source with qualifications to manufacture according to the AWWA B100-16 Standards.

Filter Sands

Our filter sand is sourced form multiple locations including the 400 million year old Logan River system, to ensure we consistently provide the ideal angularity, size, spherity and hardness for the most efficient filtering of water. River Sands Filter Sands have a slow breakdown rate ensuring a longer filtration life and feature excellent backwashing characteristics, particularly when used in dual media filtration with filter coal.

Our silica sands are clean, hard, sub-rounded and consist of durable particles in accordance with the requirements for the AWWA B100-16. River Sands Filter Sands are typically manufactured from a river sand highest grade quartz.

Due to the size, hardness and spherity of the quartz sand particle sizes along with our proven manufacturing process, our filter sand has tighter tolerances making it more efficient in filtering water. Our filter sand also improves filtering efficiency by reducing retention time and head pressure loss with greater flow rates.

Filter Garnet

An effective multi-media filter system will utilise larger sized media on top to filter out the larger particles and smaller sized media to filter out the smaller particles. With characteristics such as high specific gravity as well as chemical and abrasion resistance, our Filter Garnet Gravel is ideal for water filtration.

River Sands Filter Garnet is a high hardness, and high density granular filter media. It can be used extremely effectively as the lower layer in a dual media filter system – in conjunction with sand, gravel and anthracite.

Filter Gravels

Filter gravel is used as a support media to filter sand and coal in water filters. For maximum efficiency, filter gravel must possess the necessary attributes of hardness and be rounded rather than angular. Like the Rivers Sands Filter Sand, our gravels contain hard durable particles with a slow breakdown rate to help prolong the life of the filter.

Our Filter Gravels are clean, hard, sub-rounded particles made from silica and quartz, meeting the stringent requirements for the AWWA B1OO-16. River Sands Filter Gravels are predominantly manufactured from the highest-grade quartz (SiO2>95%).

Enduracoal Filter Coal

A harder, cleaner, and more user-friendly filter coal, Anthracite coal, has been the preferred long-term choice for owners and specifiers of water filters as it is harder and denser than bituminous coal. It is a purpose made filter coal that meets the guidelines of the 2016 American Water Works Association Standard for Filtering Material and is derived from the pure natural form of Anthracite coal.

These two key attributes mean that enhanced water flow and less material losses are incurred over the life of the water filtration media. The greater hardness of Anthracite coal is due to the higher carbon content and means that a reduced number of fine particles are present during the loading of the water filter. This tends to lead to a lower attrition rate than that experienced from softer bituminous coal.

The relative greater denseness of Anthracite coal means that less filter coal particles are lost during backwashing procedures, reducing the need for top ups over the life of the filter bed. It also enables a quicker construction time due to the reduced backwashing requirements.

River Sands offers an authentic Anthracite filter coal with carbon >92% for maximum filtration and longevity, meeting the requirements for the latest version of AWWA B100-16. It is tested by a laboratory prior to dispatch and guaranteed to meet specifications every time. River Sands can provide test certificates and samples upon request.

Manganese Greensand

Tailor-made for the removal of manganese, iron, hydrogen sulphide, arsenic and radium from water sources, it is processed from the mineral glauconite. It is a silica sand based granular material that acts as a catalyst to promote oxidation of iron and manganese in solution creating a precipitate.

River Sands Manganese Greensand is used alone or in combination with filter coal in dual media filtration systems. It ensures effective reduction of hydrogen sulfide and iron reduction over a wide pH range. Additionally, its tolerance to higher differential pressure can provide longer run times between backwashes and a greater margin of safety. There is also no requirement for extensive preconditioning of the filter media or lengthy start-up periods; and there are no changes required for backwash rates or times or chemical feeds.

Recent projects

  • Eastern Tertiary Water Alliance – Melbourne Water
  • Molendinar, Mt Crosby, North Pine, Capalaba Water Treatment Plants – Seqwater
  • Thiess Degremont Victorian Desalination Plant – Wonthaggi
  • Acciona Trility JV Mundaring Water Treatment Plant
  • Happy Valley, Hope Valley & Barossa Water Treatment Plants – SA Water

Where is this product available?

National. We have also exported filter media to a number of countries; for more information on export options please contact our Sales team.


  • Water treatment plants
  • Tertiary sewerage filtration
  • Industrial water treatment

Size availability

  • 20kg bags
  • Bulk bags

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