Tiling sands

River Sands Tile and Bedding Sand is a washed, coarse, silica tiling sand ideal for mixing with cement to make grouts, renders and floor screed.

Pre-mixed Screed for Tiling

If you prefer to not make your own floor screed, ACS Screed is an engineered sand and cement screed designed for use under tiles. It is a factory blended formula for consistent performance making it an ideal option for commercial and residential projects. Whether you are working on a balcony, in a bathroom, laundry or any other room, our pre-mixed floor screed makes the job easier to complete.

The round sand particles are graded and sieved to the ideal size that allows for smooth, easy troweling. Factory-made and quality assured, guarantees batch consistency and predictability when choosing ACS Screed. Complete your job with confidence and ease knowing the tile bedding will have long term success due to the quality of our pre-mixed screed.

Available in 20kg bags, it is easy to transfer up multi-floor job sites and will also improve job site cleanliness as there is no need to mix raw ingredients together. Any left-over bags are also able to be taken to the next job so there is rarely any waste.

Tiling sands

The sand is double washed to remove impurities such as clay, silt and dust for easy on-site mixing and placement. Using a washed sand that has had its impurities, fine clays, and silts removed will help to minimize the likelihood of cracking on a dry surface for grouts, renders and screed.

Our Tile and Bedding Sand (also known as Coarse Sand C38) is subrounded, clean, silica river sand that is graded to the ideal particle size greater than 0.6mm. It is our more popular sand used by commercial tilers for making site mixed screed as the shape and size ensures easy troweling and saves time on labour and finishing surfaces.

If you like to prepare your own floor screed for under tile use on balconies, bathroom floors and showers on-site, using River Sands Tile and Bedding Sand will help to produce a consistent mix every time.

Our Tile and Bedding is available in 1 tonne bulk bags for economic purposes or 20kg bags for convenience and are used by commercial tilers in all major cities along the east coast of Australia. Our 20kg bags make it easy to work within the confines of high-rise building frames, plus any left-over bags can be taken to the next job so there is barely any waste.

Mix River Sands Tile and Bedding with ACS GP Cement for the optimal, quality assured on-site screed mix.

Where is this product available?

Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria


  • Making grouts, renders and screed

Size availability

Tile & Bedding Sand

  • 20kg bags
  • Bulk bags

Pre-mixed Screed

  • 20kg bags