Decorative & Landscaping White Sand

River Sands White Sand is a versatile fine white silica sand.

The silica sand is washed to ensure very little dust is present and shows off the vibrant white colour. It is finely graded with a nominal sizing of 0.1mm – 0.5mm, making it suitable for multiple applications.

Our White Sand is commonly used in playgrounds, sandpits, parks, and residences as it is clean and safe for children to play in. It is also a popular choice for sports facilities owned by schools and local governments, such as volleyball courts and long jump pits, due to the white colour of the sand.

Additionally, River Sands White Sand can be used in landscaping; beach replenishment in resorts, high-rises, and parks; and decorative concrete products like concrete furniture. It can also be an ingredient in making white mortar, grouts, and renders on-site.

When manufacturing cement-based materials and epoxy coatings, the sand needs to be kiln-dried. Our W7M sand and W7S sand can be used in manufacturing purposes where a white sand is required. Originally designed for water filtration, these sands meet high certification demands and have a uniform grading for consistency between batches. Additionally, being kiln-dried sands these products ensure the cement won’t harden during manufacturing, and epoxy coatings will remain clear instead of cloudy.


Where is this product available?

Wet sands: South East Queensland, Northern New South Wales. Dried sands: National


  • Public playgrounds
  • Council children’s playgrounds & sand pits
  • Residential playgrounds & sandpits
  • School sporting facilities
  • Local government sporting facilities
  • Landscaping
  • Beach replenishment in resorts, high-rises and parks
  • Decorative concrete products
  • White mortar, grouts & renders
  • Manufacturing cement-based products and epoxy coatings

Size availability

  • 20kg bags
  • Bulk bags
  • Bulk tipper