Filter Media for Water Filtration

Consistently delivering your filter media to a tight spec every time

Since 1975 River Sands have manufactured a variety of quality graded sands and gravel (filter media) for the water filtration and construction industries both here in Australia as well as overseas.

Filter Sands

Filter SandsUnlike many of our competitors, when you purchase your filter media from River Sands, we will guarantee that your filter media is processed to the tightest spec every time - thereby ensuring the best possible water filtration outcome.

Today, we are the Australian market leader in the manufacture and distribution of filter media including filter sands, filter gravels, filter coal, filter garnet, activated carbon and manganese greensand. All of these products meet and exceed the AWWA B100.

River Sands are also leaders in providing bioretention sand and gravel blends (which meet FAWB and Water by Design specifications and guidelines) for natural stormwater filters/rain gardens, bioretention basins and swales in large and small developments including residential, commercial and industrial estates.   

Filter SandsFilter SandsTypical Applications

Typical water filtration applications include water treatment plants, tertiary sewerage filtration, industrial water treatment and swimming pools. 

Apart from being used in water and waste water treatment plants and pool filters, our graded sands are also commonly used for textured and decorative coatings, slip-resistant surfaces, wet sandblasting and soil density testing.

Our filter gravel can also be used as decorative pebble and drainage material. 

 Filter GarnetWhy Our Filter Media Is Superior

Due to the size, hardness and spherity of the sand particle sizes along with our proven manufacturing process, our filter sand has tighter tolerances than many of our competitors, thereby making it more efficient in filtering water.

Our filter sand also improves filtering efficiency by reducing retention time and head pressure loss with greater flow rates. Most of all, when you purchase your filter media requirements from River Sands, you can be sure that uniformity co-efficients for the filtering material are fully tested, certified and approved prior to delivery.

Filter Media Made to Specification

In addition to standard particle graded sands, which are of consistently high quality, River Sands can also custom produce filter media to your requirements - from written specifications or samples.

Our production and quality control processes also ensure that the uniformity co-efficient and sizing of your filter media is guaranteed - with written technical support provided.


Quality Control and Speedy Service

Regular testing and strict quality control procedures at our on-site NATA accredited laboratory ensures that all River Sands filtration sand and gravel complies with the AWWA B100 Standard for filtering material.

Our team of highly experienced technicians also enables us to provide your filter media needs are met confidently and without delay.

Filter Sands



UnderWater World has been doing business with River Sands Pty Ltd for a number of years and have always found them to be reliable and efficient, timely and cost effective. The quality of their filter media products has always met our high expectations and it has been a pleasure to have them as a supplier.

Neil Swann, Marketing Manager, UnderWater World, Mooloolaba.