Metricon Stadium | Carrara Sports Precinct

Project details

Metricon Stadium and its training fields in Carrara were updated to accommodate the increase in use for the duration of the Commonwealth Games between September 2017 through to April 2018. The State Government, Commonwealth Games organisers and sports consultants were involved in the upgrade decisions for the Stadium.


In the lead up to the 2018 Commonwealth Games, Metricon Stadium in Carrara required upgrades to the fields to facilitate the opening and closing ceremony, along with a variety of athletic events during the games.


A variety of sands were specified to upgrade the stadium field and the two training fields for the Games. All sands had to be tested and approved by sporting consultants and the State Government. In total, 5,000 tonnes of sand was required to update all fields prior to and during the Games.

Our solution

River Sands provided underturf sand and top-dressing sand for the stadium field which provided the optimal bedding for the grass roots to establish. We were also able to manufacture onsite the custom specified product USGA sand and Peat Moss required for the training fields. This custom blend required approval from the State Government and sporting consultants to ensure the manufactured product passed all the necessary testing specified.

Source: Gold Coast Bulletin

How we did it

River Sands worked within the tight schedule to ensure there was sufficient product available for stockpiling at the stadium. This stockpile was used to top up the fields as required between the ceremonies and games, along with immediately top dressing at the conclusion of the Commonwealth Games.

Additionally, we worked closely with the logistics company to meet the timeframes for delivery to site regardless of the traffic constraints, often pre-loading the day prior to accommodate for the early deliveries.

Source: Gold Coast Bulletin

The benefits

River Sands’ custom USGA graded blends ensure quality and consistency that provides optimum drainage and turf nutrition – this means healthy, evenly dispersed turf with no water build up.

Using the sand supplied by River Sands, the stadium and training fields will see long term benefits with outstanding performance and excellent drainage of the subbase. Along with the Peat Moss benefits to the training fields of minimised compaction and added structure to the root zone.

Source: Gold Coast Bulletin

Metricon Stadium is the home of the Gold Coast Suns and is seeing regular use following the Commonwealth Games for both AFL and cricket.

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