Security sandbags for Commonwealth Games

Project details

Leading up to the 2018 Commonwealth Games, TFH was the awarded security provider for the Games. Working closely with a range of Government departments and the Commonwealth Games organisers, they were seeking a sand supplier to assist with providing temporary security bollards.


A flexible security option was required to protect pedestrians from vehicles in several locations around the Gold Coast for the 2018 Commonwealth Games.


TFH required 2991 bags of sand to act as security bollards throughout the Gold Coast. Each bag weighed 1.86 tonne and was covered with a custom bag design. The chosen sand had to be recyclable after being used as temporary security bollards.

Our solution

River Sands USGA sand was chosen to act as temporary security bollards, this ensured the product was recycled after the games and not just dumped somewhere. 1.86 tonne of sand was loaded into blue bulk bags and covered with the custom bag design to protect the sand and add a pleasing aesthetic.

How we did it

We worked with multiple stakeholders to ensure the packaging, process and delivery of each sandbag met the security requirements outlined. Although there were delays with the custom designed bags, we were flexible in ensuring production time matched the tight deadlines for delivery to site.

The benefits

All stakeholders involved were pleased with the outcome of the temporary security bollards we supplied. Additionally, our ability to meet the tight timelines, and the peaks and toughs of orders assisted greatly in limiting double handling and traffic interruptions.

It was great to see River Sands USGA sand was donated at the end of the Games to council and local businesses, primarily golf courses, for use as top dressing.

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