Prospect Water Filtration Plant

Project details

In 1994, the Prospect Water Filtration Plant required 18,500 tonne of crushed quartz filter media per the requirements and specifications outlined by Civil & Civic and Australian Water Services. River Sands was awarded the contract to produce the large quantities of filter media.


Prospect Water Filtration Plant is the biggest water treatment plant in the southern hemisphere, servicing 86% of Sydney’s water system. The plant contains 24 double cell, deep-bed filters and can supply up to 3000 mega litres of water per day.


Large quantities of filter media supplied had to be produced within tight grading limits specified by Civil & Civic and Australian Water Services. To achieve the tight grading, the raw product also required special preparation. Additionally, there was a strict delivery schedule which needed to be adhered to for the timeliness of the project.

Our solution

River Sands produced a custom crushed quartz filter media which met the special grading of less than 0.1% of particles with a size greater than 3.55mm.

How we did it

To achieve this custom media production, River Sands commissioned additional production facilities to ensure the production schedule was adhered to. A quality plan was also established, which included inspection and testing of the raw material and production. In addition to our in-house testing, external independent testing was conducted to ensure the material met the tight specifications.

The benefits

The project received 770 semi-trailers carrying 2.4 tonne bulk bags of the crushed quartz filter media in accordance with the strict timeframe. To ensure the quality of the product during storage and transit, the filter media was packaged into polypropylene bulk bags and covered with a protective plastic bag to protect the finished product from the elements.

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