Soft fall sand

Whether it’s the creation of a sand castle or simply rolling around and having fun, playgrounds and sandpits are a wonderful medium for keeping kids constructively occupied. River Sands Soft Fall Sand combines creativity and safety to accommodate the requirements of everyday creative play.

Soft Fall Sand consists of a range of sand particle sizes that allow it to ‘give’ upon impact, yet still retains all the great characteristics that make up a playful medium. This give factor or cushioning effect helps break the impact of a fall when children jump from swings or playsets. It is ideal for use as playground sand for councils, childcare, and housing estates; and can also be used in sporting applications such as long jump pits and volleyball courts.

The sand is washed and kiln-dried to remove all silt, clay, sticks, and stones for clean play and is graded to a specific size. The high silica particles won’t bind together like some forms of sandstone sands, ensuring the surface retains its cushioning ability and remains functional for children to play in. The rounded nature of the sand particles are also soft under feet and is a superior option to bark or rubber.

The sand blend is specifically designed as an under-surfacing material that meets Australian Standards AS4422 for fall heights of 2.5 metres and 3 metres. The playground sand blend for fall heights of 2.5metres is designed for residential, including housing estates, and civil uses. The blend for fall heights of 3 metres is predominately used by local governments or where protection from a 3 metre fall is essential. Both playground Soft Fall Sand blends are independently certified, and NATA tested to comply with Australian Standards AS4422. Contact the team at River Sands if certificates are required for your project.

Using an independently certified soft fall sand can assist with meeting requirements set out in risk management plans. Providing a level of protection against any potential falls within the playground.

River Sands can provide a White Sand to use as playground sand if colour is a critical component of the design, however, this sand doesn’t meet the same requirements as our certified Soft Fall Sand.

Key features of our certified playground sand:

  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Replenishment of the sand at a later date is also very easy.
  • Clean, safe and won’t form hard crusts
  • Fun, with no risks of splinters, cuts or sharp edges
  • Independently certified to comply with Australian Standards for Playground Undersurfacing Material (AS 4422) up to 3 metre falls
  • The sand cannot be burned, torn or ripped so is an ideal long-term solution.

Where is this product available?

Queensland, Northern New South Wales


  • Public playgrounds
  • Council children’s playgrounds & sandpits
  • Residential playgrounds & sandpits
  • Sporting events, such as long jump and volleyball courts

Size availability

  • Bulk bags
  • Bulk tipper
  • 20kg bags available upon request

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